My Klippan Sofa

Taqwa pays off and I mean like generally and literally.

I believe we all have been taught that the most beloved in the eyes of Allah is the one who fears him the most, who has the most Taqwa but frankly speaking I never really understood it until now or you can say until last year.

I have read in Surah Talaq sometime last year that whoever fears Allah, then Allah will find him a way from where he does not even expect.

So I thought well I would love to see that one day.

Later that year we shifted house and it was a rather impulsive decision because we were planning to do that at some point this current year but we ended up doing it quite early.

The house we shifted to needed much more furniture than we already had in our previous home but instead of going for everything new I thought why not get new stuff for the most important places of the house and then chuck in some 2nd hand stuff which is good enough and we don’t have to splurge where it is not needed.

For that purpose, I decided to go for the facebook pages where people post ads for the things they are selling when they are moving or going on an exit. There are many pages for expatriates and I joined quite a few of them because we ought to have some variety when we are going shopping aren’t we?

I used to scroll through them looking for various stuff that I thought we might need or like to have. We needed a sofa set for our lounge cum sitting area in front of the kitchen so I was looking for a two piece sitting arrangement of any kind. I had seen an IKEA Klippan sofa in their booklet which was in my mind because I really liked it but for it to come through was a rare sight.

I had already bought some things through these FB pages so I was kind of relaxed as the people I met through these advertisements was quite reasonable. One day I came across an ad for a Klippan sofa and a sofa cum bed from IKEA. The lady who had posted the ad wanted to sell these separately. I liked the pictures of the sofas and thought they would go to the lounge area where I was planning to have them in.

I showed the pictures to my family and they liked it so I contacted that lady and asked her if I could come and see the sofas in real and then decide. She replied and we fixed a time when I was going to visit her and see the sofa.

Next day I went with my brother and mother to look at it. They weren’t in a very good condition because they also had them in their TV lounge and the sofa was used quite a lot but the family was so welcoming, they received us with a such a warm heart that we thought well it’s reasonable and we can always change the covers if the inside is fine as they themselves suggested. As my mother was also on my Rishta hunt (marriage hunt) those days she asked the woman if she knows somebody because she believed my prince charming could be anywhere,  she was ought to ask, though I was kind of taken aback to my surprise the lady said I liked your girl a lot and I do have a guy in my mind who is in Pakistan. So for me, that was a full on surprise.

Anyhow we made the deal for the sofas as they were in not so good not so bad condition and I had already made my mind as to how I was going to use them and where to place them the uncle who was a doctor was so generous that he didn’t even negotiate and said whatever price you want to pay you can pay and we won’t have any problem. The lady was not so happy as us women are not because she had a different price in mind for the prices of both those sofas but then she didn’t say anything further because her husband had made a deal with us. We decided that we will pick the sofas next day and then pay them because we forgot to take money with us to pay them some advance.

She showed me and my mother the pictures of the guy and then said I’ll discuss with the guy’s family and we can take the things from there.

We came back home happy and astonished, to tell you the truth I was more happy about the sofas than I was about the Rishta (proposal) because I was just going with the flow and mom was looking everywhere for that potential person.

Next day I received a message on Facebook from the Lady that as they are leaving in two, three weeks can they keep the sofas until then as they are using it right now and then we can pick it up from their place and pay them as well. To which I agreed to and told her it was completely fine. My brother called the uncle as well just to confirm things from him and he said yes as we don’t have anything right now to sit on and we are leaving soon there is no point in buying new stuff that why we want to keep it until then, so we agreed on that time period.

A few days later my mother asked me to talk to her about the proposal thing and I messaged her about it that my mother wants to talk but she didn’t reply. I thought she must be busy with her packing and other chores so I didn’t bother her again.

Few more days passed and as I was surfing through different pages of FB to look for other stuff I came across an ad for the same sofas from that woman but I thought may this is an old advertisement as I forgot to saw the date on it and ignored it but to my surprise in the next few days I saw the advertisements of those sofas on every other expatriates page where people were selling and buying stuff and I thought to myself why is she posting advertisements now when they have made a deal with us. I decided not to comment or say anything until I know what is happening.

I had asked my brother to talk to the uncle as when they were planning to give us the sofas but forgot to mention about the advertisement as he was out somewhere. He called him on his own and the uncle said he said sold all of the stuff to his best friend who was also his neighbor because he decided to buy all the things from them at once. My brother was kind of agitated and said to him that he had made a deal with us and if he was his best friend he should have known longer than us about the things that they were selling so he might have left the things out which people had already asked for. As there was no point of arguing he just said he is my best friend and neighbor so I couldn’t say no.

At that time my brother didn’t know that his wife was still posting ads about the sofas and the uncle was lying so obviously he couldn’t argue with him anymore. When he came home he told us what the uncle has said, I told him that he was lying as they haven’t sold anything because she has just posted the ad a few hours ago. My brother said then I should call him but I stopped him that there is no point may be they want more money so they are trying to get rid of us in this way.

But we were really angry not because of the sofas, we knew we will find something else but because the way they behaved and lied after making a commitment. If they wanted more money they could have said that or just cleared out that they have changed their mind and they don’t want to sell it for that price but they were playing childish games instead of being truthful about it.

For a few more days I kept seeing ads from her posted on different pages for selling those sofas as she might not know that I was on those pages too and could see those ads and honestly it did agitate me and one day when I was praying Maghreb I did think of liking one of her post or comment there just to show her that they lied to us and if their friend has already bought it why is she still posting ads but then during Salah I thought yes I can do that and shame her but then that won’t be right and I’ll do the same of what she did, I changed my mind and stopped myself from humiliating her even though I could do so.

After praying Maghrib I opened my phone when I saw her post and the sofa has still haven’t sold out. I opened another page to see more ads as I was again searching for sofas and to my surprise, somebody in the near neighborhood had posted for the same set of Klippan sofas from IKEA I was looking for and for a reasonable price with extra sofa covers along with the one they had on them.

I was totally taken aback as to how when I put aside my anger and decided not to say anything and leave it to Allah. I was given the same thing in a much much better condition with the price I had in my mind and the colors that would go with the lounge. I cannot tell you how happy and surprised I was as to how easily and quickly Allah managed to show me that when I feared him he gave me exactly what I gave up for him in a much better and honorable way and also from where I did not expect.

I was amazed as to how Allah showed me the meaning of Quran’s one of many profound surahs in such a simple way and believe me since then I have seen this thing happen to me so many times up till now, whenever I fear him and give something up out of his fear and pleasure he gives that exact same thing back to me in such an unexpected and surprising way. So yes, I can surely say if everything else fails you, Taqwa ( God consciousness ) never will. Taqwa always pays off in the most beautiful and unimagined ways.

Yes, I contacted the other family and got the sofas the next day and trust me IKEA’s Klippan sofas are really good. Very cozy and comfortable at least they seem to me you go and try them for yourself too.




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