He is already impressed


Tired of impressing people?

Well, you’re not alone in this

We all are in this in one way or the other whether it’s trying to impress a parent or both, siblings, colleagues, friends or that someone special.

We are always in desperate need to impress them and sometimes no matter what we do, we always fall short of something that turns out not to be so public pleaser.

We do things, we think of things we would do that would make us more likable in their eyes, constantly thinking about ways to impress them.

We have figures in our lives who want perfection from us. We are always trying to please them. Seek validation from them but somehow no matter what we do? how good grades we get, what job or post we get hired for, what we aim and accomplish.

There is always someone who tells us, you could have done it better.

And we are back to square one.

But did you ever think about impressing the one who gets impressed instantly, your one turn back to him makes him happy at once? You don’t have to nag him to convince him all you need is to just tell him.

Just make an effort and he is already impressed.

But do we ever try to strive for better when it comes to Allah? Do we put ourselves through immense training and difficult pursuit to earn Allah’s happiness, which in reality is actually not that difficult?

Do we even try to impress him even if it is for the sake of getting something from him?

We spend our lives trying to impress our parents, families, bosses, colleagues, friends but we never try to impress the One who created all this creation. We struggle to please the creation in spite of pleasing the creator who holds the hearts of this creation in his hands between his two fingers.

Our lives are spent perfecting ourselves to get approval from the people in our lives who mean a lot to us, but we forget about the one who is the ultimate perfect and he is only one who never asked us for perfection.

Do you ever wonder why?

Because it is a standard set by us human beings programmed into our minds before we could even differentiate between right and wrong to strive for perfection because we believe ourselves to be some extraordinary creatures and free from all sins as we have never committed any nor we will ever.

We try to reach and sit on a pedestal farther away from us and we live all our life trying to deserve and reach it because if we do not, we somehow fail in our life and failure is not acceptable in our society.

These are the norm created by us, by people around us telling us this is what expected from us. To be extraordinary leading to unrealistic, not to be mistaken or broken but perfect.

Allah never asked us to do that. Yes, he asks for Ihsan which is excellence. Excellence in whatever you do in your life, whoever you are in your life, what you want to become, the relationships you have and you seek, in your career, as a Muslim because excellence is an ongoing process where as perfection is an end. It’s complete without any flaw. It doesn’t have any errors, it’s flawless. It is something in which someone excels day after day, year after year and it goes on, there is no end to it.

As compared to people, impressing Allah and pleasing him is pretty easy. People have high standards but Allah doesn’t. if you are ashamed, it’s enough, if you have repented it’s enough. If you want to come back just come. If you want to start over just do. It’s not with people what it’s like with Allah. He doesn’t want justifications and verifications; you confess to him and accept your weaknesses and shortcomings in humility to him. A tear shed in humility with the sincerity of seeking his pleasure back is far more valuable than the nights spent in praying.

He doesn’t say why did you do that? Why weren’t you strong enough to battle temptations, competent enough, why do you mess up all the time and then come back to me, but he says no matter how many times you have messed up in the end just come back to me with a sincere and truthful heart when you realize your mistake.


If you pray once a day if you only pray fajr because you have been awake all night long and now it’s fajr time so you think why not, it’s okay.

If you open Quran once in a while, even if you are looking for a reference to give in an argument that’s okay. Even if you only pray Jumaa or Eid prayers that’s okay if deep down inside your heart you know, you can do better.

If you try to catch Salah, any of the five if you try to be obedient to your parents and hold your tongue from uttering anything bad from your mouth out of fear of Allah when you are bursting in anger knowing what you could have said otherwise.

When you return the change to your father exactly as the shopkeeper gave it to you when you went to buy grocery know that he knows your good intentions.

When there is obscenity or vulgarity in a movie song or music video and you are sitting with your sister but you change the channel out of respect for her but you know you could have watched it otherwise if you were alone, know that he sees and he weighs those tiny actions but heavy intentions.

Please know in your heart and let me tell you he is already impressed because if he wasn’t you wouldn’t be able to put your head on the ground and prostrate to him.

When you start monitoring your intentions your actions start to change and when your actions change your behavior changes. When your behavior changes suddenly your surroundings changes resulting in a change in your outlook on life. You see the world and your own self from a different place because your perspective has changed.

When your life shifts in this way and you make small adjustments to keep Allah in your life before doing or not doing, saying or not saying, everything passes through the filter of impressing Allah and what he would like and would not, know that at that time he is already impressed.

He is impressed and looking down and smiling at you even if the result of your intention to actions is not perfect. He is happy that you tried, he is happy that you remembered him in all of it.


He doesn’t want you to memorize Quran in six months or in a year or start praying tahajud along with the obligatory five prayers. Start fasting every Monday and Thursday or give charity of half the amount of your income.

He doesn’t want perfection because why would he? That is unattainable. He is the Only Perfection. He will always be.

He just wants excellence within every thought, to intention, every action to reaction. He wants you to take small steps at your own pace, at your own speed but just be on that road that leads to him. He wants us to try and put effort. He never asked us to reach the finish line.



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