Share the Umbrella

I have realized that the people in our lives are harsh to us but sometimes we take that charge from them and end up being too harsh on ourselves.

There are good things and bad things in a person but we always fail to acknowledge the good in us. No person is all good or all bad, but we have this habit of picking one thing and then creating the big picture out of it.

No one has the right to demean or devalue you to lower your self-worth and self-esteem but if you start looking at yourself from their vision than no one can stop you from drowning in it.

At that time have the courage to back up yourself or have a circle of people who know what your worth is even at the times when you don’t see it.

Very few people are generous with money and even fewer are generous with words of kindness and encouragement. People who not only see you as you are but accept you as you truly are. They express what they think of you and the good they see in you. They know the things that are your asset but you don’t think much of them. You ignore them because the people who degrade you always failed to acknowledge that bright side of yours. The compassionate, loving, thoughtful, kind side or may be more. These people come forward and compliment you on that. They step up and encourage you even if they are two three words or merely a sentence but those words they make your day. These people are the real gems so hold on to them because no amount of money can do what few well-intended kind words can.

They are the ones who on rainy days hold their umbrella for you when you have none.


So be generous and do the same, when you are failing to find any good, then trust their words and acknowledge it and return the favor when they need it too.




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