Your Dua is Accepted 


Your dua is accepted now just walk the path.

A window was opened before me a few days ago when I was having a discussion with a student turned into a very very good friend of mine. I go there weekly to teach her Urdu and as we are discussing different words we always come across a certain word which lead us to a completely different track and we end up discussing life altering stories.

On one of those days when instead of having a teaching session we went shopping came back to her office and started having late lunch while having a deep discussion as to why when something is difficult or sometimes when we have made Dua with full conviction we still don’t see the result and months or years later we see the result we always knew it would be but if that’s what was going to happen from the beginning, why would Allah keep us in the same situation for so long when in the end what we wanted  to happen or not wanted to happen was going to happen. Why didn’t he answer immediately but kept us waiting or in our thinking left us suffering for so long?

That’s when she opened that window for me and told me your Dua was already accepted when you made it the first time because that’s the case with the Dua its always accepted but you had to walk that path towards your Dua to see how it unfolds itself.

You encountered a problem then you made a Dua but it was not just a mere or tiny situation because no matter how tiny or insignificant or how big of a situations comes along your way none of it is useless or merely just there in your life. It’s always there to teach you something, for you to make mistake, to increase your rank which Allah has chosen for you, to make you realize something. Whatever the reason maybe but it’s never useless.

There are things you need to learn for what you are asking for because even the dua that you are making Allah had it in his divine plan and he placed it there for a reason. There is a reason he made you ask for it and now when you are asking for it, even for that he has a pre-planned scenario as well as to how you are going to reach that end point and the things you are going to see during that walk on the path leading you to your Dua.

For all the Duas which have been manifested in your life which I am sure there would be many. When you made those Duas there were tiny moments and little nuances which added up to the manifestation of your desire and made you ponder over those tiny little things which you knew only Allah knows about your heart and only he could do it.

When he made subtle adjustments which only you could knew are crucial to you and your wish but you never asked for them but Allah remembered every single detail you heart craves and your mind thinks. He made you meet different people along your path who were going to be a crucial part of your Dua’s manifestation and the situations and co-incidents he created which were not really coincidences in reality.

He could have responded immediately but he made you wait to see the result and how he brings all those unfavorable things into your favor by his Majesty and power alone so that you could appreciate his favor upon you and be thankful. He could have given you what you wanted at once upon you making the call to him but he delayed it so that you would keep coming back to him and he could make that connection between him and you much stronger. He heard you the first time you made Dua to him, but he loves listening to you and you acknowledge to him that only he has the power over everything. Only he can do what no one else can. He wanted to hear that like a wife wants her husband to keep confessing to her how much he loves her but here the wife needs it but Allah doesn’t need it but he loves when we keep asking him and keep telling him that ‘We’ need him and he ‘Doesn’t’.

This made me look back at the situation I had once encountered and how Allah turned all those things against me in my favor but if Allah had responded immediately I would have missed all those nuances and moments that made me go on my knees and thank him again and again for his countless favors. By delaying his response he made his connection with me so strong I never saw my self-standing where I stand today and how far I have come from that depth of darkness just by his help and Karam alone.

So now when you make dua desperately to him thinking you need his help immediately but doubting he isn’t listening know in your heart that he indeed is listening and helping you through every step you take. Taking care of you in the most subtle and cautious way that he even directs your walk and your talk, your time and your sleep. He is by your side as you walk the path to your accepted Dua because there is no such thing as unaccepted or unheard Dua.



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