If you ask then ask like Suleiman A.S



and if you may ask then ask like Hazrat Suleiman A.S

We always hear about different kinds of Duas made by various prophets in the Quran at the time of distress and trials, but we hardly hear about Hazrat Suleiman’s Dua and how it not only impacted his life but also gave us believers the spirit to aim high and ask Allah for whatever we want breaking the boundaries of always having realistic approach.

A few days ago I was reading Quran when I came across the Ayaat (Verses) in Surah Naml where the story of Hazrat Suleiman, Jinn and that man who brought the throne of Sabaa within the blink of an eye is mentioned. How he brought the throne and by the time Sabaa reached, she was asked by Hazrat Suleiman if this is the same throne as hers and she said yes maybe, she said reluctantly but surely as the look of the throne was slightly changed. She was amazed by this miracle and said indeed I was among the disbelievers. She was then welcomed and asked to enter the palace and explore and on doing so she thought the there was pool of water or water on the floor so she lifted her dress to prevent it from getting wet. She was told this Palace is made from crystal and mirrors they are the beauty of it. It was not water what she thought at first.

Reading that passage and Sabaa (Bilqees) lifting her clothes and assuming it must be water had me in tears taking me to the point where I thought that we all see these Disney movies where there are beautiful palaces and kingdoms of kings. All of them come from our imagination of things we can never really have but can only think of so we design them and then turn them into 2D and 3D movies. Our limitations comes from our mind that we think that things like these can never really exist in reality but reading these Ayaats made me question my faith and belief system that a noble prophet once had a kingdom with all these magnificent and hard to digest things where he had a palace which gave the illusion as if you are walking on water. He had an army of Men, Jinn, birds, animals and so many other things who could do anything on just his one signal. He could control the wind, what’s beneath the water and what up in the air. He could understand the languages of animals and could communicate with them. All of this and much more he had by the mercy of Allah, which we can only think of in our heads and take a step further and turn them into films but never believe that this could happen or have happened in real in the past too.

It got me into thinking as of how it could happen. I mean I don’t know about you, but for me, this was huge to shake me up. I thought of how Allah has everything under his control, he owns everything. He is the ultimate king of the heavens and the earth and what is between them and yet he gave a tiny bit of his kingdom which would not even cause anything to decrease from his dominion to his slave a noble and pious prophet just because he asked.

He asked Allah for it, and not only asked but asked him after facing a trial and getting failed in it. Now that’s huge I mean how on earth does that make sense that you make a mistake or go through a test but you don’t pass with even passing marks but then again at the end you instantly realize your mistake so you repent immediately and then instead of dwelling on your mistake forever thinking how am I ever gonna face Allah or ask him for anything. You actually think of the most unrealistic thing one could ever think of as per our time’s or any time’s standards and then ask Allah to forgive you and then give you that Kingdom no man ever had or will ever have, and do so because you are the best of gift givers.



Hazrat Suleiman A.S was bestowed a supreme kingdom by the mercy of Allah. The thing that made me question my faith was that we as humans make mistakes all the time and when things seem impossible we are always given the examples of Hazrat Musa A.S as how Allah made the red sea split for him just because he had a determined faith. How Allah cooled the fire for Hazrat Ibrahim A.S or how Allah made way for Hazrat Hajar when there was no water or ray of hope in the dessert. How Allah blessed Hazrat Yahya A.S with a son despite all circumstances going against his desire.

But nobody talks about how Hazrat Suleiman A.S was being trialed and after failing he instantly directed himself towards Allah asked for forgiveness and then made Dua and ask for a Supreme kingdom. Nobody talks about that after making a mistake or sinning you don’t lose the right to ask Allah for anything, but instead, you should repent as soon as you realize your mistake or shortcoming and then have faith and guts to ask Allah for anything you want no matter how unbelievable or hard to achieve it may seem. Because it was not Hazrat Suleiman’s prophethood that granted him that kingdom but his belief (Yaqeen) in Allah SWT that he was forgiven just as he asked for forgiveness when he repented sincerely and his love for Allah that he will grant him anything no matter how unique things his heart desires.

So now during this Ramadan or Ramzan when you sit down after prayer or at your sehri or iftar table and unusual and unrealistic wishes and desires come into your mind or make way through your heart just remember that if Suleiman A.S could ask and was granted, then you will be too.

Happy Ramadan 🙂


Surah Naml Verse:15-44

Surah Sua’ad Verse: 34-35


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