Don’t stand in the way of your Dua


Everyone has heard the famous hadith of tying your camel and putting your trust in Allah.

Most people live on both ends of this hadith but sometimes we fall short and even after making Dua we rely more on ourselves and abilities than relying on Allah. That is where the problem comes along.

We have so much faith in ourselves and what we can create but we hardly ever have enough faith in the power of Allah alone. Here I am not rooting for the kind of faith where you only rely on faith and don’t put in any effort from your side because there are many situations where these things go hand in hand with each other. You have to make an effort on your part and also rely solely on Allah as his help can only create the result you want to have.

But the problem arises when we only believe in creating effort by ourselves and never having faith that his help will come through. We believe we have so many capabilities that we alone are enough for handling this situation and attaining the outcome we desire and most of the time we do that but the result still doesn’t come what we were expecting.

This is because we do make dua but never believe that our dua will be answered but rather focus on doing it by our self as if unconsciously doubting whether this dua is gonna be answered or not so let me exert all the efforts on my part to achieve what I want to achieve.

That is where we go wrong because our belief system is wrong. If we only had enough faith we would pray to Allah SWT and then leave the matter in his hands after doing our part to do what is best for us and often times he does exactly what our heart’s desire but as hopeless, restless and impatient creatures we are we can never wait and just rely on Allah’s power alone. So we try doing things which we think can help in getting what we want, not realizing that what we think is helpful in getting we want might not be right and helpful in Allah’s divine wisdom but rather as he plans out things and let them happen is more beneficial for us and might actually save us from problems we might end up creating with our own hands in the pursuit of that very thing or desire.

So whenever you come across a situation where you have to make dua, pour your heart to him and seek his help and do whatever seems reasonable in that situation as to be doing both of that hadith which is tie your knot and then put your trust in Allah but then don’t stand in the way of your dua by creating hurdles which you think are beneficial in removing the obstacles but in reality doing the exact opposite because sometimes you don’t have to do anything.

The only thing you have to do is to pray to Allah sincerely and then see how he takes your dua and manifests it for you without you doing anything but only having faith in him and sometimes that which seems the easiest part of just having faith and waiting for your dua to be answered is the most difficult part for us.

This is not to promote the idea of just having faith and waiting for your Rizq to come directly from the heavens but instead working for it, making effort and using all of your capabilities and potential to earn your rizq in a Halal manner but also not relying on your talent and hard work as main source of being your provision but relying on Allah that he controls you rizq and has all the provisions so it’s not your talent that manifests the results but it is ALLAH’s favor upon you.


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