Your life sucks because Your Dua sucks

Don’t you ever come across that moment when you are just lying on your couch, or watching TV or scrolling through your facebook, or driving your car and all of a sudden you ask yourself what have I done so wrong that my life sucks so badly?

The thing is all of us have it bad someway or the other, its just the way we perceive other’s life as compared to ours that theirs seem better and ours not but that’s entirely not the case with you not doing anything wrong?

There is one big thing and that is you not knowing what you want or as a matter of fact knowing it but not having the guts to ask for it. Because your rational mind stops you and tricks you into thinking that what you want might not be possible but you fail to understand that it might not be possible for you but it is possible and not only possible but unbelievably easy for Allah SWT.

Your life sucks because you don’t have the courage to ask for the things you wish you had. The reason is you rely on yourself as if you have to do it for yourself, but the thing is its Allah who is going to do it for you. You never dared to ask for the big things which give you goosebumps because you feel they can’t happen to you or you can’t get them as you are not capable enough and therefore you don’t have anything.

I hate to break it to you but that’s the mistake you are making. You are not asking and therefore you are not receiving.

This is not just a mere thought. It is a rule and fact to live by. Whenever you think that your life is collapsing and going down a hill. Look at your life and deeply observe what are the Duas you are making.

And trust me when I did this exercise I found exactly what was wrong with my life. As your actions are a reflection of your thoughts and your day is the reflection of your priorities similarly your Duas are the ultimate reflection of your life. The kind of duas you make, no matter how small or big, repetitive or one timer all manifest in your life soon or later. That’s the gift of Allah SWT, he shows you his power by accepting your dua at once or delaying them and making them happen when you have long forgotten about them.

The problem with us humans is we only remember him when we have real life big issues to resolve or to get out of so we desperately start praying and asking him, at that time our Imaan is so low that we hardly have faith in him helping us or doing a miracle for us. It has become our second nature to take him for granted and so his power. Therefore when he gets us out of that problem, we offer certain nawafil ( Voluntary Prayers ) for Shukar ( Gratitude ) and then forget about him completely and when that loop of problems appear again, we start worrying where Allah is.

Sometimes he creates that loop of problems for us because he know how materialistic we are and we only remember him when we have an issue, so he keeps sending us those problems and we keep going back to him, and that keeps happening until we realize he is more than an ultimate problem solver. He is our Rabb, he is Al-Wadood, the most loving. We are his ebaad. We should always be in a state of worshiping him and what could be more befitting to his worship then Dua which is to ask him and ask him repetitively and persistently.

Ask him for anything and everything, and I mean every single thing.

When we realize that he has the ultimate supreme power over everything. He is not answerable to anyone but everyone is to him. When we realize he can give anyone anything he wants and take away anything from anyone, he does not have to explain himself. He can enforce and subdue his will upon anything. Only then we realize that with all these majestic powers he wants to show us that we should trust him when we ask him for anything because he is ALLAH (the Only One). Only he can do what no one else can do or is capable of. We are always in need of him and only he can provide for our needs.

When we internalize who Allah is and what he does for not only us but for what this universe contains and for what we do not know we come to realize what we are asking of him is just as simple as giving a crayon to a kid which is not that difficult right? What you are asking him can happen in the blink of an eye.

So don’t hesitate and don’t ask for mediocre and average things. Ask for whatever your heart desires because sometimes Allah puts those impossible ( which are only impossible from our perspective) things in your heart and in your way because he wants to show you that only He Alone can remove those obstacles. Only he can do what others tell you to give up on because it seems impossible.

So instead of lowering the standard of your Dua by looking at your surrounding and situation look up to to the sky towards the King of the heavens and the earth and tell your heart that these circumstances are only a test for me designed by my Rabb to see if I trust him or not. He who is sitting on the Arsh (Throne) looking down at me with his Sight and Hearing wants me to ask him so he can give me what others think is not my standard.

So ask and ask him with all your heart, all those crazy, unrealistic, hard to believe, hard to get desires and wishes and then see your life changing, the duas that come with the clinging thoughts,

“Naah, I am not that lucky, this can’t happen to me, it’s too unrealistic.”


Ask Allah for those things and matters and then see how he amazes you with his power and cherishes that smile on your face when you see that happening so subtly in your life that you tell Allah in your heart how did you do exactly what I wanted and did it in the most perfect way without any trouble and he says well that’s because,

I am Allah, Rabb ul Aalameen and you showed complete faith in me.

So whoever have faith in me will see it on the judgment day but because he loves us more than anyone he shows us in this world too.

So as Ramadan is approaching, go ahead and sit with your heart and make a Dua list with all the things you want in your life, be daring and give yourself another chance and as you make Dua in every sujood and when you break your fasts, know that your life isn’t sucking but is improving for good.

Courtesy: Sheikh Muhammad Al Sharif

Visionaire Program 2016-Ramadan



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