Ever wished something…

Ever loved a wish…

There are wishes and then there are people.

Some people are fierce enough to go after them, some weak enough to give up on them.

And I can gladly say I fall in the first category, I don’t know if it is about me or may be the plan Allah designed for my life that specially caters to this one thing, but whatever I have always wanted in my life whether it be a want like a wish or need like a necessity, it’s always been tough and odd enough for me to want it badly.

I once told my friend about the wish I had about my marriage and she said why do you always want the oddest and most difficult of things and my reaction was well I always end up getting them too.

This time I have a wish part of which is or you can say whole of it seems impossible as the situation in front of me is right now and anyone on this earth if I were to tell them would say to me its impossible, give up on it. Every one of my family or friend circle whom I’ve told this has actually said the same thing except my best friend because they don’t see the possibility of it ever coming true.

But then the question which arises in my mind is that who is he (my Allah) if I’m supposed to give up on everything I want. He has always been the ONE who has bestowed his blessings upon me when I least expected them and could never have deserved. Why should now, I have to look at my incompetency or lack of control on the situation, but rather why can’t I look at him and his might and authority who is capable of doing everything. Why do I have to adjust my wish (Dua) to my reality but not raise my trust on the ONE who holds the unseen and believe that he can turn the tables whenever he want. Why can’t I change my thinking that when everything happens by his will, then he is the one who put this wish into my heart, if it were not to him to make this thing my desire, how could I even wish for it to be true. If he can lit the fire in my heart he can show me the light in darkness too.

I know the Supplication of Hazrat Umar R.A who wished to die as a martyr. He made this Dua to Allah SWT publicly and secretly and people used to say to him you are the Khalifa of all Muslims, you do not go to the battles how can you die as a martyr in Madinah which is the most peaceful city and a city full of Muslims, nobody can do any harm to you. But he didn’t change his Dua just because it didn’t match the reality, instead he kept making Dua and it did not alter his mind or heart just because the circumstances did not fit into the situation and there seem to be no possible way of how it could have happened but that did happen because of his firm faith and utter desire. Allah granted him his wish in the most unexpected place and time when no one could have anticipated it. At Fajr prayer in Masjid e Nabwi (SAW) when he was leading the prayer a man attacked him and stabbed him from back, his wounds were so bad he couldn’t heal and recover but died as a martyr shortly after three days. Allah made way for his Dua to come true even though there was no battlefield. He made him a martyr.

It happened because it wasn’t just a ritual for him to ask Allah to make him a martyr but because he knew and understood the fact that only Allah could do that. Something which would have occurred in his mind initialy only as a mere thought stayed with him until it became a desire which burnt in his heart like a fire. He not only made his Dua, but he loved his Dua, he loved it so much he knew he could not live without making it, it became a part of his life like someone you love does. He lived with it in his heart like you would live with your partner day and night. He believed in it to be true like Allah has written it on a stamp paper and given it to him with complete authentication for it to be true. He had conviction in it so firmly that Allah designed the whole plan according to his wish even though it was HE who placed this desire in his heart. Allah adjusted every single thing and detail of that unseen future according to his reality for his Dua to be accepted and his wish to come true. Only because he knew Allah could do it. He knew it is no big deal for Allah. It is only a matter of KUN and it will happen. His Dua was his love of dying as a martyr and his Lord is Al-WADOOD (the most loving), so they both go hand in hand, how could Allah not love him enough to grant him his wish.When you love your Dua so badly like you can’t live without it, that’s when the magic happens, that’s when the unseen turns into reality and Allah manifests it for you before your eyes.

So when someone says your imagination doesn’t fit you reality, tell them you might have never come across a loving Rabb who loves to fulfill your dreams. Who first gives you imaginations which seems so hard and at times impossible but then gives you strength to go after them and not give up. So when you struggle to continue but don’t ever give up, when you fall but not fail to trust him. He responds to your trust by his love for you in the way of making your dreams come true.

Therefore if you are brave enough to love your Dua that burns fire inside you, than know for sure that Allah is kind enough to manifest it for you. As for my Dua I know I love it and I know no matter how odd it may seem to the world it doesn’t seem odd to the one who put it in my heart in the first place.

For your curiosity I’ll leave you with the glimpse of what my Dua holds in it but thats one element of my Dua, and I pray that Allah makes it happen there. Ameen


Yes its Masjid e Nabwi (SAW) and just so you know I’ve been there before Alhumdolilah, but there is something more to this journey in my Dua. Keep praying for what you want as Dua is the ultimate Ibadah.I pray that Allah accepts all your and mine Duas and reunites us in Jannah.



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