I have been meaning to write something specially of the nature of some journal or on a platform where I not only can express myself but share the thoughts and feelings that initially I thought only I go through, but with time, experience and meeting a lot of new people I came to the realization that we all are on the same journey of getting through this “Ocean of Duniya (World)” as Yasmin Mogahed my on net teacher quotes in one of her articles. As the title of my Blog indicates meeting in Jannah, I want to state that by going through this Ocean of Dunya only then we can reach that heaven of true and eternal Happiness and Serenity. So the ultimate question then arises is that how do we get through this?

I got this idea from my life and experiences that all of us are in the same boat, some with conscious and persistent effort and some with understated desire to got to Jannah, there are also some people with Jannah in the back of their mind as something tiny or insignificant at the back seat of a car difficult to grab with one hand while driving and looking ahead. We are so focused to look ahead at the image of true happiness or achieving a target/goal that we become obsessed and blinded by that image in our mind which by the nature of this world keeps changing that we never think about what we’ll do when all the images will disappear and only a bright light of entering Jannah or darkest horror of seeing Jahannum will remain.

But before that time comes of entering and hopefully entering Jannah there is a vast sea that needs to be surpassed in order to reach the other end or the shore of eternity where there will be no pain or sadness, no age and time limit, but face of Allah (SWT) and companionship of the Prophet (SAW) , Prophets of Allah whoms stories we have always read but wished to see and meet them one day, our ancestors and beloved ones, our friends and families going back to our father Adam (A.S) and us being there with vibrant beauty and honored soul when Allah would have forgiven us and taken off the burden Ameen.

For crossing that sea, we all need to help each other, support each other, teach each other, learn from each other and push each other forward, so that on the day of Judgment we all would be in Jannah together. Desire of seeing all of us there together intrigued me to do something on my part to make crossing this ocean of Dunya a little bit easy if not an experienced professional swimmer which we all will become with time we will ceertainly learn to hang in there when the wind blows against us.

For this sole purpose I have come forward to become your friend, your counselor, your friend in need, some one you feel the need to talk to when no ones listening. Someone with whom you can say anything regarding what you are going through so that I share my experiences of talking and communicating with Allah as he is the best of all listeners and whatever the believer says nothing is judged by Allah who is the knower of the hearts.  I want to grab your hand tell you that there is nothing to worry about as long as your heart desires for Jannah and you solely thrive for it, its okay to feel low, its okay to shut down sometime, its normal to feel the most painful pain you thought you could never handle but you still did and not only that but you passed through it  and as I’m writing this know that you are a warrior of Allah to confirm it see that now you are reading my post. I am glad to know that you made it this far and together we will make it to Jannah (Ameen).


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